Meat Up

Nope, it’s not a spelling mistake on the title. It’s the clever name of the newest steak and grill house in the boutique high street of Wandsworth Town.


We had the good fortune of attending the soft launch last week and come back with a BIG thumbs up!


The interiors, designed by Keane Designs are fresh and bold, with a floor-to-ceiling bar in the front and casual dining at the back.


Bar stools and banquette seating can accommodate different group configurations – from single diners, couples to large groups.


The conservatory in the middle section of the space creates the ambience of an indoor barbecue which is not weather dependent!


We were seated at the kitchen counter, so had full view of their shiny new kitchen and all the action behind the scenes!


Head Chef Stephen Stuart Hinkley and his team were a delight to watch as they cooked up a meat storm and juggled with the increasing orders!


The menu is fairly exhaustive, with an impressive selection of starters, steaks, ribs, seafood and burgers.


All the dishes looked terribly appetising as they made their way out of the kitchen.


But the real winner here are the meats.


They have a daily specials boards highlighting the daily cuts and weights of beef steaks.


Prices are decent – an average £22 for 250g, and they come with a choice of green or red slaw, BBQ sauce and chips. You also have the option of choosing skinny versus thick cut chips!


Husband and I both went for the steaks – I went for the Rib-eye while Husband chose the Sirloin.


Both were absolutely spot-on. Quality cut slabs of meat which were firm on the outside but pink, soft and oozy in the middle . The chips were crisp and soft, and Stephen even got us to try his special ‘bacon sauce’ which is a twist on the traditional béarnaise.


For desserts, we went for the sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream on the side!


Throughout the evening , the staff were extremely energetic and attentive. They look proud to be part of the Meat Up establishment and want to give their 100% to make it a success.


Since their official launch on 4th July, they have been fully booked every night, which is a nod to their rapidly growing popularity.


So if you are a South West Londoner like me, or want to explore an exciting new local where meat is revered, head to Meat Up now!


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