Rök, Shoreditch

Getting to Rök has been an adventure in itself. We booked it three times and each time we had to cancel the booking for personal reasons (no fault of the restaurant). So when we finally made it, it felt like a ‘woohoo’ moment!

view of the front dining space

Rök is currently celebrating their one year anniversary so it seems like an opportune moment to visit.

the bar

Rök is Nordic inspired, so the interiors pretty much follow the concept of ‘simplicity and elegant functionality’.

view of the rear dining space

The interiors are stripped back and bare, complete with drop down pendant lights, dark wooden tables and stools for chairs.


The whole look is rustic and minimalistic, with lots of clean lines and attractive details.


We kicked off the evening with some Nduja Scotch Quails Eggs with dijon mayonnaise (£3.50). The Nduja had a smoky and spicy kick to it, perfectly paired with those soft and runny quail eggs. The creamy mayonnaise, spiced up with dijon mustard, was a revelation and went down well with the crispiness of the scotch eggs and the spicy, meaty oil oozing from the Nduja.

nduja scotch eggs

I have been dying to try the Duck with Lingonberry Bacon Jam (£16) so that was an obvious choice of the mains for me.

duck with lingonberry jam

Husband went for the Lamb with Fennel Puree and Redcurrant Vinaigrette (£16)

I must say, I am always dubious about combining meat with fruits, but after visiting Rök, I may try this more often!

The duck leg was well cooked and flavoursome. The tart and slightly bitter notes coming from the jam did well to cut through the richness of the meat. Sadly I couldn’t taste much of the bacon, and the jam overpowered the dish so I was left slightly underwhelmed.

Husband, on the other hand, was quietly ploughing through his delicious lamb.

lamb with fennel

When it arrived, it looked charred and we were wondering if it was overcooked or difficult to cut. But the meat was really soft and tender, and just quivered under the knife. It was well cooked and well seasoned, and there was a certain springiness to the meat.

The accompanying fennel puree added hints of liquorice and anise-like flavour while the sticky, sweet redcurrant sauce gave an extra depth. I think my duck may have been narrowly pipped to the post by Husband’s lamb dish!

However, the award for the most glorious food on the table went to the side dishes (£5 each).

the amazing side dishes

The Bone Marrow Mash with Garlic and Parsley was creamy and meaty; two of my favourite flavour combinations. I was seriously impressed by this comfort dish which was so soothing to my palate.

bone marrow mash

The Charred Broccoli Salad with Seeds, Almond and Quinoa was outstanding and something I want to replicate at home. I always struggle to make green vegetables exciting, and Rök have nailed it with that dish. The warm sweet broccoli, the nutty quinoa and oriental flavours coming from the sesame made this a gorgeously delightful dish!

charred Broccoli Salad

Rök seriously rocks!

We both loved our dinner and the overall experience there and can’t wait to try their new Islington branch. Till the end of August, Rök is offering a 25% off to celebrate the first anniversary of their opening, so I suggest you hurry and book a table for the bank holiday weekend!

Details can be found on their website:







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