Review: The Life Goddess, London

I recently met up with my dear friend M for a delicious Saturday lunch at The Life Goddess in Kingly Court, Soho. Part of the impressive range of eateries that Kingly Court boasts of, this one is a quaint, charming and homely restaurant specialising in home-cooked Greek food with wines to match.

The décor is light and bright, reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscapes with hanging vine plants, white walls and pops of blue furniture that remind us of the blue skies and sea.


To start with, M and I shared the Greek Meze + London Bloomer Bread.

London Bloomer Bread

I was actually expecting a traditional array of small dishes but this was a large green mixed salad with dollops of tzatziki, fava, tirokafteri (like a feta cheese dip), tuna, tomatoes and olives scattered around. The butch chunks of bread was served on the side with some lovely Cretan olive oil. The crisp salad leaves and the various bits and bobs all came together in perfect harmony. The only thing worrying were the portion sizes, as we were stuffed already and there were still two more courses to go!

Greek Meze

For my main, I was torn between the Moussaka and the Lamb Chops (Greek Style). But as our waitress rightly pointed out, I can find lamb chops in any of the restaurants around Kingly Court, but the Moussaka was a house speciality. Indeed, it had a wonderful home cooked feel about it – piping hot, well-seasoned, hearty, indulgent with the oozing comfort of that béchamel sauce.

My lovely Moussaka

To increase the healthy quotient of my main (and to reduce my guilt), I ordered a side salad – Greek Soil. It came with tomatoes, cucumber, roasted potatoes, rocket, oregano, capers, feta and a dressing made of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard and honey.

Greek Soil Salad

M went for the Dish of the Day – a beautiful risotto stuffed inside peppers along with a Cretan Salad – crispy Cretan barley rusk dressed with tomatoes, feta rocks, leaves, oregano and Cretan extra virgin olive oil.


Feeling much too full and overindulged after all that food, M and I felt it prudent to share the dessert – Chocolate Mosaic. It was a dense and slightly crumbly chocolate slab, punctuated with a brittle, biscuity crunch.

Chocolate Mosaic

The service was slightly flustered to begin with, but improved as our meal progressed. We even managed to get a smile out of our waitress at the end!

The food at The Life Goddess is indeed wholesome and nourishing with a touch of rustic simplicity. This is solid foundation food. Everything is lovingly prepared and generously portioned so I recommend skipping a meal before or after! Pair it with some lovely Greek wine and you are onto a winner here!

More information can be found here.

N.B.  All photos and opinions expressed in the blog post are mine. I review anonymously and pay for my meals. The overall cost of our meal was discounted as it was part of a Groupon deal.


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