New Opening: Stoke House, London

Stoke House is the latest offering from Will Ricker, the man behind the brand that gave us Eight Over Eight and La Bodega Negra. The concept behind Stoke House is based on the traditional great British carvery, but with a stylish and modern spin and added cocktails.

Part of the new all steel and glass development in Nova by London Victoria train station, Stoke House occupies a massive glass-fronted space flanked by other biggies like Shake Shack, Rail House Cafe and Hai Cenato.


The first thing that strikes you about the place is the interiors.  It is modern, luminous and semi-industrial, with a fashionable bar occupying centre stage.


Other interesting details include a curved wall made entirely of beer cans (great product placement idea) and sweeping wooden banquettes.



In true carvery style, the restaurant’s food menu is self-service, although drinks and desserts are ordered at the table. The wine menu has a lot of Spanish wines listed so some good choices there.

The menu comprises of top quality cuts of roast meat which you order by weight and is freshly sliced for you at the counter.


We ordered a spectrum of slabs and slivers of smoky cuts which included beef ribs, beef rump and lamb belly. The meat was tender and full-flavoured with a beautiful touch of smoke, slicing easily under the knife.




You can further embellish your meats with sauces such as salsa verde or chimichurri.



Fresh salads include green beans in mustard and chilli and giant couscous with roasted vegetables, wild garlic and lemon oil. Hunks of honey-roasted carrots and crunchy-edged garlic and thyme potatoes complete the picture.



Staff were polite and service was adequate; in a self service restaurant, there’s less of a chance to interact with them, but the interactions we did have were favourable.

The best thing about Stoke House are the prices. The smallest portion (100g) of meat is between £5 – £8, with the sauces at £1 each and the sides at £3.50. This makes this restaurant real value for money but without compromising on quality.

Stoke House is a meat lover’s haven; high quality cooking but without burning a hole in your pocket. If you know someone who loves their meat, I recommend you take them here!

More information can be found here.

N.B. All opinions expressed and photos used in this post are my own. I review anonymously and pay for my meals. The total cost of this meal was discounted as we visited during the restaurant’s soft launch period.


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