MUD, Boxpark Croydon

Having recently moved to Croydon from Wandsworth, where my weekend avocado-on-toast cravings were satisfied by the likes of Brew, The Schoolhouse and Ben’s Canteen, I was on the lookout for an equally exciting alternative this side of town.

My prayers were answered in the form of MUD Cafe. Located within the greater establishment of Boxpark Croydon, this is the second outpost – the original one being in Tooting.


This place does some really good coffee by Ozone so definitely a great pit stop for those sore heads after a weekend of heavy partying.

But my love is food and the food here is absolutely delicious and spot-on. Everything is cooked fresh in front of your eyes.

One highlight is a beautifully cooked Cotsworld Legbar scrambled eggs on toast. A simple and super comforting dish that really ticks the box when you are craving some hot cooked eggs to nurse your hangover. Pair it with some smashed avocado and cooked sausages and you have achieved weekend brunch perfection.


We have also, on numerous occasions, tried their Turkish eggs with garlic yoghurt and a scattering of green herbs. It is like a warm and sunny cuddle in a bowl, fervently mopped clean with some warm, toasted sourdough.


One dish that ticks all the boxes for me is the Pork Belly Eggs Benny. It is the king of all Eggs Benedict with its soft, fat, juicy pork belly and a killer crackling. Served alongside bread-crumbed bubble and squeak and some poached eggs, this is proper hangover bashing food!


Sides get a special mention, including the slightly crispy potato waffles with parmesan. They are great just on their own.


Service is jolly and affable, almost bordering on matey!

MUD cafes do some great antipodean speciality sweet treats such as Tim Tam brownies and Lamingtons. The menu changes daily but if you are in need a sweet pick-me-up or an indulgent little treat, I recommend browsing their delicious sweet treasures.

More information can be found here.

N.B. All photos used in this blog are my own. I review anonymously and pay for my meals. Featured image courtesy @kwjevans.


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