Day out in Lymington, Hampshire

Lymington is a pretty little port town, full of English seaside charm, on the outskirts of the New Forest in Hampshire.


Harbour views

This was our second visit; the first one was four years ago when we hiked around New Forest National Park and stayed above a lovely little pub called The Bosun’s Chair. Unfortunately, I was not blogging at that time so I can no longer show you what it was like from inside. But I remember it being a great stay; the rooms were modern, clean and cosy. The Bosun’s Chair served piping hot pies with mash, delicious ales and had a lovely picnic garden at the back! To wake up in the morning, walk downstairs and find yourself in a pub was truly the stuff of dreams.

The Bosun’s Chair pub

Cut to present 2017; we found ourselves in Lymington again for a long weekend in July. The weather was gloriously sunny and the smell of sea air was invigorating. Our choice of accommodation this time was The Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel and Resort (you can read all about our stay in my blog here.)

Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel

Whilst our hotel itself had plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, we did venture out to Lymington for a day to check out the town itself.

Macdonald Elmers Court is a 5 minute taxi ride to Lymington town. But it is easily walkable as well, which provides excellent views of the banks of the Lymington River.


Views of Lymington River

On our way, we went past a charming country pub called The Ferryman; clearly a very popular local judging by its size and prominent location adjacent to the pier.

The Ferryman pub

Lymington’s high street is an eclectic mix of mid-range to fine dining restaurants, churches, charity shops, branded and boutique stores selling everything from seaside knick-knacks to luxury designer furniture.

St. Thomas Church, Lymington

The narrow cobbled streets lead you to Lymington Quay where on a good sunny day, you will see the local residents come out in droves.



Children can be seen crab fishing, whilst the adults enjoy a drink or simply bask in the sun watching the fishing boats go past. It is a very relaxed pace of life here.






We savoured the harbour views over scoops of deliciously creamy New Forest Ice Cream, followed by a pint in the sheltered courtyard of the The Ship Inn.

New Forest Ice Cream in a cone!
The Ship Inn

Later in the afternoon, we walked down Bath Road and found ourselves on the shipyard and marina of the Berthon Boat Company. It was captivating to watch these luxury yachts being built. You can really appreciate the detail and lavish scale of these beauties.

Berthon Boatyard and Marina


Continuing our walk, we stumbled across the Lymington Sea Water Swimming Baths which resembled a large themed water park. It is clearly a popular venue amongst children of different age groups, especially on a sunny weekend.


Lymington Sea Water Baths

As we walked along, our narrow road was gradually becoming a forest pathway and the coastal landscape around us started to change into marshlands and mudflats. We were now on the outskirts of the Lymington – Keyhaven Nature Reserve. Whilst we only scratched the surface in terms of exploring this area, it was a great spot for coastal walks, sea breezes and birdwatching. In the distance, we could make out the faint outline of the Isle of Wight.


Coastal Walks

All that walking and fresh air had us pining for a pint! On our way back, we made a pit stop for some alfresco drinking at The Mayflower ; a charming gastropub with an absolutely gargantuan beer garden and plenty of sunshine vibes.



The Mayflower Lymington

Our day out in Lymington was a pleasant and delightful one. We didn’t hit any touristy spots but just ambled our way through the town, taking in the sights and sounds. Sometimes, the best days are when you don’t have a plan and this day was definitely one of them.


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  1. I always enjoy a visit to Lymington too!

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    1. it was my second time and still love it every time i visit

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