Luxury Brunch at Aquavit

Aquavit has long been on my list of must-visit. Some of my favourite London food bloggers (and part-Swedish) Catch52 and Marjanfocus have written extensively about this place, which aroused my interest even further.


Having visited Stockholm this time last year, I was craving some Nordic-inspired cuisine and Aquavit seemed like just the ticket to send me back to Scandiland.

Inside, it is palatial and stunning with tastefully designed furniture: plush banquettes, gleaming cabinets, sleek, statement bar and bespoke artwork. Designed by Swedish-born Martin Brudnizki, this is a place for savouring beautiful food surrounded by glamorous people and gorgeous interiors. You can read more about the Scandinavian inspiration behind the interiors here.




Their weekend brunch menu gives one a beautiful introduction to their sophisticated cuisine. We decided to make it bottomless by adding £15 per person for unlimited Sommelier’s choice of wine, served for two hours.

To start with, we were offered a complimentary basket of homemade, soft rye bread and crunchy knäckebröd, beautifully studded with fennel seeds. It was accompanied by another house offering – smoked cod roe butter. It was smooth and creamy (with a slight hint of cod roe) and went perfectly smothered on the crispbread.



Kris and I both ordered the Aquavit Breakfast (£16). It was a lavish spread of poached eggs, blood pudding, bacon, potato raggmunk (Swedish potato pancakes), sausages and mushrooms. As I am allergic to mushrooms, we decided to skip the mushrooms altogether.


Everything on the plate was delicious and high quality; cooked to perfection and perfectly proportioned to satisfy the weekend cravings.

The wine was a clean and bright Les Vignes de L’eglise Vermentino. Its crisp, fruity notes matched well with our indulgent, fried breakfast.


Keen to sample some of their other Nordic delicacies, we shared the Vendace roe ‘Löjrom’ (£25) – a caviar produced from the roe of the rare Vendace fish. The dense, decadent cluster of vividly orange, jelly-ish fish eggs was divine and melted in the mouth. They came alongside some slivers of piquant red onion, sour cream and chives. We took our time savouring this delicate and luxurious dish.


Service was efficient with savvy, well-preened staff on top of their game

There is no argument that dishes here do not come cheap. However, the weekend brunch with its bottomless offering, surrounded by swish interiors, cool glamour and a service to match, makes it money well spent. This is stylish and seductive weekend breakfast at its best.

Location: St. James Market, 1 Carlton Street, London SW1Y 4QQ

More information can be found here.

N.B. All photos and opinions are mine and my partner’s. We review anonymously and pay for our meals. This is not a sponsored post.

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    Sent from my iPad : Hi Geeta, I hope you aren’t too exhausted from the past week or two. I must say what a lovely place Aquavit looks, and sounds like a great eating experience with such well presented food.. in fact I’m quite impressed by your recent choices for dinner too, on your latest blogs..Sounds like it’s been a busy week or two..You will be quite worn out after it all? I’s been quite miserable here recently and it has been Gale Winds and Much rain today. So glad you enjoyed the pkg sent via Kris I will send some more of the Hand Cream later this year :)). Have a good day at work , Take Care, Love and Hugs, Mum


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