London Restaurant Reviews : Pi

Hands up if you like pizza! Well, I don’t. Which is why Kris was surprised when we were booked to go to a pizza place and he wanted to check my temperature to see if I was unwell. But being a food blogger, once in while, I like to step out of my comfort zone….

London Food Review : Mango Tree

Before Somsaa and Smoking Goat, there was Mango Tree. From the moment I enter, I feel I have stepped back in time a little bit. The classical vibes of this place remind me of a time when dining out was a sense of occasion. The restaurant is cavernous, occupying a prime location in London Belgravia….

London Food Review : Fancy Crab

With a name like that, it is pretty obvious what this place is all about. Upon entering, I am immediately attracted to the striking blue and bright orange upholstery that contrasts against the dark wooden floorboards, breaking up this well-lit space. There is a hidden symmetry to the design scheme (interiors by DesignLSM) which I…

London Food Review : Brunch at Mac & Wild

Kris and I were both really looking forward to our brunch at Mac & Wild. For various personal reasons, we had previously moved our reservation three times, so when the day finally came, we were ready for it! On a sleepy Saturday, we made our way to Devonshire Square. Being a City location, it was…

London Food Review : Bright Courtyard Club

Nothing else quite hits the spot than some good old Chinese grub. Kris and I realised one day that we seldom go out for Chinese food anymore. Maybe we are still haunted by our past of late night drunken visits to Leicester Square, gorging on greasy, all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and hating ourselves the next day….

Birthday Meal : The Hand & Flowers

Contrary to popular belief, birthdays are never really my favourite day of the year. Like New Year’s Eve, there are a lot of expectations from this day and I almost always end up feeling disappointed, underwhelmed (and older) by the time the day ends. This year, thanks to my new found passion for food blogging,…

London Food Review : Beer & Buns

Beer & Buns is an exciting new pop-up in East London. Loosely based on the concept of a Japanese ‘Izakaya’, it offers craft beers and cocktails, paired with delicious Asian food, against a background of rock beats. The atmosphere is thoroughly fun and casual. It is a perfect venue for after-work shindigs; letting your hair…