London Restaurant Reviews : Pi

Hands up if you like pizza! Well, I don’t. Which is why Kris was surprised when we were booked to go to a pizza place and he wanted to check my temperature to see if I was unwell.

But being a food blogger, once in while, I like to step out of my comfort zone. And so we decided to try out new entrant, Pi, in one of our favourite old haunts – Battersea.

Pi is a modern pizzeria occupying a space which used to be Scoffers many years ago. We fondly remember Scoffers, not only for the food, but because there was a giant tree smack in the middle of the restaurant.


That signature tree still exists today (yay!), but everything else around it is fresh and new. The interiors are cute and pretty, mostly white with brilliant pops of colour. Blue tiles, wire chairs, plump leatherette banquettes and rustic wooden floorboards scream Mediterranean summers, sunshine and sea.




There are lush floral ceilings, colourfully designed rugs on seats and insta-worthy floor tiles. It definitely ticks all the on-trend interiors boxes.




The skylight provides a sun-dappled courtyard vibe, with the aforementioned tree occupying pride of place, twinkling with little lights. This place is bright and airy in the day, but cosy and romantic in the evenings. Even the sink in the bathroom is eye-catchy. The owner, Rosie Whaley, used to be a fashion designer and you can definitely see she has put a lot of thought into designing this space.


Inside the kitchen, a gargantuan wood-fired oven bellows with promise, the beating heart of this establishment.


There are some inventive small plates and salads, but we had eyes only for their pizza. You can choose to have the individually sized 12″ ones which gives you the flexibility of going half ‘n’ half on the toppings. But I would highly recommend going for the colossal 20″ Pizza for Two. Not only is its size a talking point, but you also have the option of choosing up to three toppings when you can’t decide on one. And boy, there are some delicious and innovative options here!



From the three that we chose, the Rosary Goat Cheese, Crispy Kale, Caramelised Red Onion was tasty and healthy-ish, although I would have preferred my onions to be a bit more caramelised.


The Lebanese Spiced Ground Lamb, Turkish Yoghurt, Parsley delivered on its promise of exotic, fragrant and spicy.


But our favourite was the Pork Sausage, Sliced Desiree Potatoes, Garlic, Thyme, Caper Crumbs, Olives. Because – call me crazy – but nothing says comfort food more than potatoes on pizza! Honestly though, if you like your potatoes as much as I do (mash, chips, fried, roasted), this topping could be your best friend.


The pizza crust was thin, crispy, pillowy and lightly-blistered. I didn’t feel overly full or bloated, despite devouring half an oversized pizza. To naughty things up, we added a perfect blob of fresh, creamy burrata that wobbled and burst nicely all over our toppings.


Dessert was a Trio of Mini Brioche, engorged with Pistachio, White Chocolate and Salted Caramel filling, served with tiny pot of warm, melting dark chocolate. Real messy, spoon-licking stuff!




Service was very friendly. The staff are young and eager to please, which is not a bad thing. The only minor niggle was that my coffee arrived lukewarm, which they offered to replace.

Prices are extremely reasonable. Our 20″ pizza was £24 between two. Add a glass of wine/beer to that and you can easily have a delicious and filling meal under £20 each.

Lucky residents nearby definitely have a favourite local in the making here. Regardless of whether it achieves cult status like Homeslice, as a new local joint doing more than decent pizza at pocket-friendly prices (vegan options coming too), it will surely be a hit with the millennials of Clapham and Battersea. For someone who doesn’t do pizza, even I was impressed enough to book a table again!

Location: 4-6a Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1ED

More information can be found here.




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