London Restaurant Reviews : New Menu at Blue Print Café

D&D London’s Blue Print Café has been in operation for some time now. Recently they acquired a new Chef Patron, Mini Patel, previously of The Pointer restaurant in Brill.


Well, Brill’s loss is London’s gain. We had the good fortune of tasting the delicious food dished out by this talented and ambitious chef a few weekends ago.

This first floor riverside café is quite bright and buzzy, offering unrestricted views of the River Thames and Tower Bridge.


The place has an upscale but informal vibe, great for a weekend group get together or a casual date. That said, the interior scheme does feel slightly jaded and could do with a mild spruce up, a fresh lick of paint or some pops of colour.




The new menu rejects the conventional concept of starters, mains and desserts; instead, it opts for modish small plates and snacks.

We ordered a spectrum of dishes, starting with the Crab Cake (Fresh Devon Crab, New Delhi Spices, Pickled Radish and Seaweed) which was almost too pretty to eat; in fact, we sat in silence for a minute or two admiring its elegant presentation. The crab meat was very fresh and had a light, crunchy coating. The translucent sliver of pickled radish added a gentle bite against the soft, creamy flesh of the crab. Perfectly spherical blobs of sauce dotted around had a mild curry flavour to them. I was absolutely blown away and would safely say this is one of the best crab cake dishes I have had.



Next up was the Angus Beef Burger (Ogleshield Cheese, Slow-cooked Sticky Brisket, Mustard Mayonnaise, Pickle). Yet again, this was exemplary. The meat patty was thick and flavoursome, oozing a slick of meat juice; the cheese soft and gooey, the red onion adding a pungent touch and finally the smoked brisket amplifying the flavour even more. Even the warm seeded bun was pretty darn good and delicious on its own. Pretty much every element was singing to me.



The burger was swiftly followed by the Jimmy Butlers Pork Belly with Burnt Apple Puree. You could taste the wonderful fattiness of the meat as you sliced through all the layers, topped by a thin, crispy crackling – chewy and full of porky flavour. The salty notes were nicely offset by the sharp puree on the side.




Our brilliant meal ended with the the glorious Cornish Lamb Pie. A thin, glazed, perfectly executed golden brown pastry dome was engorged with piping-hot, soft, pulled lamb. The pesto had a strong flavour (from the wild garlic) and a grainy, nutty texture. The pie also came with a side of Crispy ‘Lamb Nugget’ Salad – a dinky bowl of fresh, snappy, roughly torn up leaves of pea shoots and radicchio and little lamb nuggets (delicious). The salad could easily be a dish on its own.





So, eleven out of ten for our meal. The prices are on the higher side and that’s pretty much the only negative here.



The new menu at Blue Print Café is simply superb. I did not expect it but it has turned out to be one of the best and most memorable meals of the year so far. Chef Mini Patel, we salute you!

Location : 28 Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD

More information can be found here.






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