London Restaurant Reviews : Brunch at Christopher’s

Recently, I joined fellow blogger friends Meg (of No Mean Feast) and Becca (of Becca Eats World) for a Saturday brunch in Central London. If you recall, last time we met was at the fab Cantina Laredo. This time, the choice of venue was Christopher’s, coincidentally in Covent Garden again!


This was my first visit to Christopher’s and I was impressed pretty much at the entrance by the Grade II listed building and interiors. Upon enquiry, I was told it used to be London’s first licensed casino.

A circular foyer creates a sense of arrival. Towards the left is a staircase taking you upstairs to the main Dining Room, whilst on the right is a slightly more informal looking Martini Bar. The grey walls, sweeping staircase, patterned floor and dangling silver chandeliers evoke the look of plush and upmarket.



Upstairs, the Dining Room is high-ceilinged and attractive. It is bright, thanks to the big windows casting light across the floor. The backdrop of mostly grey decor is contrasted by elaborate, luminous cornicing on the ceilings and the warm lustre of the gold, velvet banquettes. Designed by De Matos Ryan Architects, the look of the entire space is elegant and sumptuous. The room is buzzing on a Saturday, filled with the lively chatter of people clearly dressed for the occasion. This place is confident, not pretentious.



The weekend brunch menu is comprised of the usuals but also some unique dishes. One of the many highlights here is their playful ‘Build Your Own Pancake’ menu that gives you full reign to go wild on creating your own bespoke stack by adding your favourite toppings and sauces.

Which is exactly what Meg and Becca go for! Megan dives into the Blueberry-Buttermilk Pancake (£11) with Mixed Berries, Maple Syrup and double portions of Valrhona Chocolate Sauce. Becca opts for the Buttermilk pancakes (£12) with two scoops of the Honeycomb and Madagascan Vanilla ice cream, topped with Chocolate Sauce. I have it on good authority that the pancakes were really good. They do indeed look soft, buttery and moreish. Becca’s only complaint is that the scoops of ice cream were tiny, as if they had used a melon baller to scoop it out.





I go for something savoury and opt for the Omelette with Spinach, Bacon and Monterey Jack (£12). I am pretty happy with my choice. The omelette is proper-sized, delightfully fluffy, soft-middled and oozing with gooey cheese. My side order of Fries (£5) are thin and crispy, just as I like it. Overall, it hits the right notes for a mid-morning meal for me.


We wash everything down with Bellinis and Mimosas. The Bellini, especially, is very well-made.


Service is decent but inconsistent. Impeccably groomed staff are attentive at times; sometimes hard to attract and forgetful.

After brunch, my fellow companions take their leave whilst I make my way downstairs to the Martini Bar (obvs) where I perch with a lovely classic Martini whilst taking in the interior views.



From one gorgeous room to another; this one is designed like a long gallery framed at the end by a gleaming bar done in brass and gold. A group of people commandeer a strikingly long, Onyx table whilst designer lights float from the ceiling. It is pure joy sipping my martini and watching the bartenders dishing out one cocktail one after another like synchronised choreography. Indeed, if you ever feel the need to escape the cacophony of the theatre-land, I totally recommend this bar.




It was a wonderful Saturday spent with great company in a gorgeous location, amply rewarded with good food. Christopher’s truly is the original destination restaurant and offers a stylish alternative to the casual brunch places we see dotted all over London.


Location : 18 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7DD

More information can be found here.

N.B. All photos and opinions are mine. 




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