London Restaurant Reviews : Rosso Wine and Food Experience

We have all heard of Bottomless Brunch before. But what if I told you of a place where alongside free flowing fizz, there is bottomless food on offer as well? As I discovered recently, the Bottomless Brunch menu at Rosso Wine and Food Experience does exactly that.


Created by a couple of like-minded friends from Milan, Rosso is a smart new Italian neighbourhood wine bar and restaurant. In fact, the first thing that you notice as you enter is the extensive and impressive collection of wines they have on the premises, stored in bespoke floor-to-ceiling triangular terracotta shelves. The sleek space has been repurposed from a former bank and they have plans to turn the existing downstairs vault into a private dining room. We had a sneak peek and currently it is stashed with endless bottles of wine that need rehoming into the booze-filled shelves upstairs. The rest of the space has a tasteful and relaxed vibe. An all-glass frontage on the ground floor means the restaurant is splashed with natural light, whilst offering curious onlookers a glimpse into their Italian buffet spread.





We visited the restaurant on a sunny Saturday afternoon, filled with young families and couples occupying a set of tables. In the corner, there were a handful of ladies gently chattering over their wine.

In terms of their brunch offer, for £35 you get 90 minutes of free flowing bubbles, access to their unlimited buffet (first course) and one hot dish (second course). The deal also includes desserts from the buffet, a choice of wine (if you are not that inclined towards bubbles), as well as tea and coffee. For a high-end locality such as Kensington and Chelsea, it is a pretty sweet deal.


In terms of the First Course, we had access to the following array of dishes as part of a sumptuous Italian spread:

Freshly Baked Bread and Focaccia


Bocconcini di Bufala

Gorgonzola al Cucchiaio

Toma Blu del Piemonte


Pecorino Romano Cappato Nero



Vegetables and Salads

Selection of grilled and roasted seasonal vegetables

Winter salad with radicchio and pears

Beetroot, mixed sprouts, mixed salad, orange and sesame seed dressing

Couscous and Mixed Seasonal Vegetables







Prosciutto crudo di Parma 24 mesi

Prosciutto Cotto

Salame al Pistacchio 

Salame al Tartufo

Speck Alto Adige 



Everything looked fresh and vibrant on the table and we could help ourselves to unlimited top-ups without feeling shy.

Round 1
Round 2

Once we were ready for our mains, a very attentive staff member swiftly took our orders. The concise hot dish menu has a mix of brunchy, egg-centric as well classic pasta dishes, depending on what floats your boat.

I opted for Rosso’s Signature Spaghetti Carbonara with Figs, whilst Kris had the Spicy Arrabbiata Chitarra Spaghetti with Seafood ‘nduja.


My spaghetti tasted every bit delicious, with a delicate bite, the noodles wonderfully embracing all that sauce. The addition of figs on top was a revelation.



Kris’s pasta was bright and moderately spicy, the ‘nduja spiked with a hint of fresh seafood flavours. Both pasta dishes were brilliantly cooked.



We did save room for Dessert as there were some miniature sweet delights, colourful cupcakes and a fresh fruit platter from the buffet up for grabs.



Service was easy-going; the staff were friendly and engaging with glasses regularly topped up without much prompting, which is important for me in a bottomless scenario.

We capped the wonderful afternoon with some delicious Italian-accented cocktails. Kris opted for the Negroni Sbagliato whilst I, still suffering from withdrawal symptoms from my Venice trip, chose the Spritz Veneziana. Both cocktails were expertly made and rounded off a perfect boozy afternoon. I must add here that cocktails are not included as part of the Bottomless Brunch, but worth staying longer for.


I appreciate a lot of people may frown upon the concept of ‘buffet’ but that mindset comes from experiences with bad quality food and the previous day’s leftovers served in many restaurant buffets. Here the food is fresh, top quality and prepared with care.

The Bottomless Brunch at Rosso is a great option for leisurely dining or celebratory occasions when you have a large group to entertain. The wide and varied selection of dishes gives plenty of choice to your guests who may have different food preferences. At the same time, the hot dish element satisfies the formality and conviviality of a sit-down meal. Not to mention, all the food is accompanied by excellent Italian free flowing fizz. At £35, it’s a win-win-win situation really.

Location : 276-280 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 6ND; @enotecacarossouk

N.B. We attended Rosso as part of a competition win but all photos and opinions are mine.



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