London Restaurant Reviews : Casse Croûte

Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe that with Casse Croûte it was. I can’t remember where I read or heard about this place, but walking down Bermondsey Street on our way to another fabulous restaurant (Flour and Grape, if you must know), I happened to stumble upon this cozy and characterful bistro.


I had a quick peek inside through the steamed up windows and something about the bucolic white and red chequered table cloths, mismatched picture frame covered walls and chattering, wine quaffing diners appealed to me. I knew instantly I wanted to dine in here.



Fast forward to a few weeks later, we found ourselves booked in on a sunny Sunday afternoon for lunch. The menu changes daily, so chances are you will not find these dishes that we ate, but variations of them. The menu is rustic, French-focused food using fresh, seasonal ingredients and a commitment to big, bold flavours.

In terms of menu, this is what we ate and drank:


2014 BIB “Poivre d’Ane”, Mas des Agrunelles, Languedoc



Terrine De Foie Gras

The foie gras was smooth and exceptional. The salad was sharply dressed with snappy leaves and a good drizzle of oil. The whole ensemble, along with the apple chutney, was fabulously delivered. It was a more than a decent starter.




Soupe d’Asperges Blanches

The White Asparagus soup came with Truffle Oil and some croutons. Good would be an understatement for this dish. It was divine, creamy, luxurious; the sort of thing that would make this a perfect winter warmer. The flavours were absolutely sensational. Combined with that fresh, crusty bread on the side, this was the dream starter one wishes for.




Boeuf En Croûte

The Beef Wellington came with green beans and a red wine sauce. There was some really good work going on here. The golden, flaky pastry was generously engorged with a flavoursome hunk of beef and an earthy mushroom mound. The gloriously satisfying heap of green beans were a lesson on how to treat your vegetables like royalty! Every corner of this dish was oozing perfection and taste.



Ciusse De Canard, Purée de Celeri, Risotto Champignons

The second main was a duck leg confit with a celeriac puree, mushroom risotto and mushroom cream, arriving in a deep cast-iron pan. There was so much flavour in that dish that it was unbelievable! It was creamy, velvety and endlessly delicious. This was peerless cooking at its best.



The service was warm and genial and, despite being short-staffed on the day, served with a smile and enthusiasm. Prices range from £8-£11 for starters and around the £20-£22 mark for mains. The portions are generous and you will not go hungry here. Booking is HIGHLY recommended and you need to call them (just like the good old times) to book a spot.


Casse Croute seriously impressed with its short and supremely gorgeous dishes on offer. It is truly a destination neighbourhood restaurant. This was perhaps one of the most extraordinary and memorable lunches Kris and I had in a very long time, where every dish was simply faultless. This place will charm the pants off you!

Location : 109, Bermondsey St, London SE1 3XB


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  1. I’ve always wanted to go here, Bermondsey St is one of my favs and I’d always heard good things about Casse Croute. Your photos are amazing, that light!!

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    1. thank you for your lovely message. we loved it and defo recommend


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