Sri Lankan Supper Club : Mali’s Cooking

After experiencing a few Indian Supper clubs (Khao, Chakra, Thambis), it was time to venture further south and explore my first Sri Lankan supper club.

Despite growing up in India and being so close geographically, Sri Lanka continues to firmly occupy my ‘someday bucket list’. Until then, I am exploring the country through its food. So far, my only exposure to this wonderful cuisine has been via Hoppers, so the idea of attending a supper club seemed like a great way to further expand my knowledge of this gastronomic wonderland.

Whilst researching on Instagram, I came across Mali’s Cooking. Mali and her Curry Leaf Supper Clubs are well known in foodie circles and she regularly hosts her Sri Lankan supper clubs from her residence in Watford. When I found out she was hosting one in London as well, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Poster for Sri Lankan Supper Club in London

The venue she had chosen was Good and Proper Tea’s flagship tea bar in Clerkenwell. If you didn’t know already, G&PT brew the best possible, whole leaf teas from around the world, custom brewing each of them to bring out the best possible flavour in every cup.

Venue for Sri Lankan Supper Club

They also frequently let out their space after hours for supper clubs and small scale events.

Guests seated for the Sri Lankan Supper Club

We were welcomed by a refreshing cocktail of “Triple C” Ceylon Coconut Colada | Ceylon Arrack, Coconut Water & Pineapple Juice.

Welcome cocktail at the Sri Lankan supper club

The starter of Majestic Mango Prawns | Grilled Prawns on a bed of hot and spicy salsa arrived shortly after we were seated. The fragrant prawns lived up to the expectations in terms of size; they were massive with a healthy bit of kick coming from the salsa. I found the prawns a tad overcooked and could have done with a minute less on the griddle.

Starter of prawns

The main was Classic Rice and Curry | Selection of dishes including chicken curry, dhal curry, pickled aubergine, coconut sambhol, pineapple chutney, poppadoms and salad. It was a lavish meal, flamboyantly served in a large shimmering ‘thaali’. This is my kind of indulgent, homespun food, full of exotic flavours and humming with spice. There was a little bit of everything on the plate, bringing a whole lot of joy.


After devouring so much spicy food, the palate cleanser of Lavinia Love | Refreshing Lychee & Lime Sorbet was much needed and felt like cool silk on the tongue.

Palate cleanser

But the standout dish of the evening for me was the decadent dessert with a catchy name of Moves like Jaggery | Watalappan topped with caramel and cashew praline | Cinnamon Tuile | Fresh Strawberries. Watalappan is a famous Sri Lankan coconut custard pudding. I thought that not only the taste but the presentation was sensational as well.


It was accompanied by another smashing looking cocktail called Lankan Pink Passion to end on a boozy high!

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Sri Lankan supper club experience with Mali’s Cooking. There was good food and lots of it! Mali’s parter and sister-in-law were involved in the supper club too. So despite Mali being busy conjuring up her fiery delicacies in the kitchen downstairs, the guests felt looked after and attended to at all times.

Thanks Mali for bringing the flavours of Colombo to Clerkenwell through your Sri Lankan supper club. Your food has definitely whet my appetite to book my holiday and explore the flavours of the island further. 

More information about her next supper club can be found here.

N.B. I was a guest of Mali and my meal was complimentary, but all photos and opinions are mine.

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