Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

By now, you must know of my love for the Cinnamon Collection group of Indian restaurants. Over the last few years, I have dined in all of their London venues (Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea branch, Cinnamon Kitchen City, Cinnamon Club and most recently Cinnamon Bazaar).

A few weeks ago, I happily returned to one of my favourites from the collective: The Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea. There are several things I like about this branch: the vast under-the-arches space, the contemporary decor, its proximity to the riverside and the food of course. But perhaps the biggest reason of it all is that it sits in the shadow of my favourite monument in London: the iconic Battersea Power Station (the historical, derelict version, not the multi-billion pound apartment complex it’s being converted into).

Interior 1 - Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

Last time I visited with Kris, we reviewed their A La Carte menu. This time, I was back with a bunch of foodie friends to review their Set Evening Dinner Menu. Available every day at select times only, it comes at a price of two courses for £24 and three courses for £28 which includes a glass of fizz.

For my starter, I opted for Tandoori Chicken Breast Tikka | Red chilli and Fenugreek, Coriander Chutney.

starter - Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this dish but I was pleasantly surprised how flavourful it was. The chicken was soft and uniformly spiced. The dish started mellow but gradually built up on the heat which made for a pleasant bite. The accompanying fresh green salad and coriander chutney provided a fresh and verdant backdrop to the pieces of chicken.

My main was a Char-Grilled Pollock | Pickling Spices, Yellow Lentils, Bitter Melon Chutney.

main - Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

The fish itself was fresh and flaky, served on a puddle of warm yellow lentils. A quenelle of bitter lemon on top added a contrasting bitter note. However, I was not fully convinced with this dish. Individually, the elements worked well but the whole ensemble needed one big punch of seasoning to boost the flavours.

Normally, I am not a dessert person. But in this case, the dessert of Sticky Ginger Toffee Pudding | Garam Masala Ice Cream was my favourite course of the evening.

dessert - Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

This dish was a beautiful example of Indian and British fusion cuisine. The pudding hit all the right notes for me. It was gloriously spongy yet perfectly sticky. I was initially dubious about the garam masala ice cream but it turned out to be the most luscious thing on the plate.

I know most people veer away from Set Menus as they can be at times quite limiting in terms of choices. However, I find them a great way to test out a restaurant without splashing out the cash too much or to watch the spend when you are organising a large gathering. The Set Menu at Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea satisfied the taste buds on both occasions. As we approach the holiday season, this venue could be a great destination choice if you are a Battersea/Chelsea/Clapham-based business, as the space naturally lends itself to accommodate big groups.

interior 2 - Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

Location : 4 Arches Lane, London SW11 8AB

N.B. I was invited to review the restaurant as part of a press evening organised by Love Pop Ups London and my meal was complimentary. All photos and opinions are mine.


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