Fresh Pasta Kits to Try at Home

Can’t find any available slots to book at your favourite pasta restaurant or your friendly neighbourhood Italian? Below are some fresh, handmade pasta kit recommendations so you can whip up a restaurant-quality pasta meal in minutes whilst still refreshing the bookings page!


Pasta Evangelists are the original players of the ‘pasta by post’ game. Each box comes with its own fresh pasta, sauce, garnishes and instructions! This pasta is the kind of quality and taste that you would not be making at home but queuing somewhere for with an app. The menu changes weekly so there is always something new to try. The recipes include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes. They deliver all across the UK, seven days a week. The packaging is 99% recyclable. Prices starting at £7 for single portions.



La Tua Pasta specialise in fresh, artisanal pasta delivery. The range of pastas include some unique lesser known varieties of fresh pasta along some of the more popular and classic options. A family business, they originally supplied to restaurants but started direct home deliveries since the pandemic started. UK-wide delivery is available. They also have a comprehensive selection of antipasti, desserts and wines to add to your shopping cart. You have the option to either buy the pastas and sauce separately or as part of a larger meal. Prices start from £5 for a 1-2 person portion.



Not to be confused with a certain supermodel’s spicy vodka recipe, Gigi’s Pasta was again born as a direct outcome of the pandemic. They deliver fresh, handmade, restaurant-quality pasta kits in letterbox-friendly packaging, leaving the final finishing bits to do at home. Each kit contains pasta, sauce and the extra garnishes and putting it together literally couldn’t be easier. Prices start from £8.50 for a one person portion (although they have some nice buy-one-get-one-free offers going). Vegan and vegetarian options are covered as well. They deliver all across the UK.



Operating at the more luxe end of the market, Italian restaurant Bancone offer ‘Bancone at Home’ kits which are available via Plateaway. The kits include starters, mains and desserts and you can find some of their much loved classics. The box comes with all the ingredients for each dish and all you need is salt, pepper & parmesan. It also comes with beautiful recipe cards for each dish, showing how to simply finish and plate up your courses. Everything comes in environment friendly and sustainable packaging. They are deliver every Wednesday and Friday within the M25. Prices start from £18 for the pasta dish for two; additional charges apply for starters, desserts and sides. These kits are perfect for a special occasion meal at home.


N.B. The products marked * were gifted to me as PR samples but all opinions are mine.


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