Bone Daddies

This was my second visit to Bone Daddies. This time I thought I’d write about it!

I never knew I could be such an ardent fan of ramen, but after a fair share of ramen bar crawls ( Shoryu, udon at now sadly closed Koya, Tonkotsu),  I am now a convert.

You cannot reserve a seat in Bone Daddies (what a surprise!), so prepare to queue.

We decided to go out a Sunday evening as we figured the queue will be shorter. Luckily for us, there was hardly any queue and we were seated as soon as we entered.

Bone Daddies is quite a small, intimate space with bar stools and communal sharing tables. So be prepared to rub shoulders with your new found ramen friends.

I would suggest carrying light as there are not many tables with bag hooks so you will have to stash your bags and purses underneath your stools, which to some can be quite disconcerting.

For our meal, we decided to stick to ramen only as they are quite filling on their own, and we did not want to kill our appetite for the main event by ordering starters.

However, on a previous occasion, we tried their wild soft-shell crab with their finger licking good green chilli ginger sauce. I would highly recommend ordering one of those.

That evening, I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen while Husband went for the spicy miso ramen.

I must be honest; until my visit to Bone Daddies,  I was convinced that Shoryu made the best Tonkotsu for my taste. My fellow foodies would perhaps disagree but I absolutely love their broth. However, Bone Daddies have now narrowly edged past as my favourite ramen place.

My ramen comes with spring onion, chashu pork and 20 hour pork bone broth – not for the faint hearted and vegetarians can look away now!
The noodles are thin and have a bite to them. The broth is rich, meaty and full of flavour. You can really appreciate that this is slow cooking at its best. The pork is soft and compliments the broth very well. There is a smoky flavour to the whole dish, which stood out for me from some of the other Tonkotsu I have had.

Tonkotsu Ramen

But I think the real winner here is the egg that accompanies the tonkotsu. Delicious soft-boiled eggs that sit just beautifully on top of the whole meaty concoction like a sun rising from the clouds.

Tonkotsu is like the Guinness equivalent of ramen; a full meal in itself so you don’t need much else to feel full. You don’t need a wine or beer to go with ramen, though Bone Daddies do have a very good beer selection . Around me, fellow diners were tucking into what looked like lip-smacking chicken wings. Something perhaps for our next visit?

Husband really enjoyed his spicy miso ramen. He said it did not feel too heavy, possibly because the base was a chicken bone broth. The meat was a pork neck chashu, with sesame oil drizzled over. It also came with a side of padron peppers which is a huge favourite of his. For people who don’t always want the weight of full-on pork broth, this could be a good alternative.

Spicy Miso Ramen

You can always embellish your ramen further with soya sauce and garlic that are provided at each table, though I think it’s best enjoyed as it comes.

As far as ramen goes, Bone Daddies truly is the daddy of all ramen bars, in terms of flavour, taste and ambience . However with a ramen bar opening every week in London, it remains to be seen how long it retains its top spot on my list!

My only complaint would be that their seating could be made more comfortable, but then again, its all about the ramen- quick, easy, steaming, satisfying comfort food!


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