72 hours in Stockholm

Stockholm as a city is rich with experiences. One of its significant assets is its museums. On a recent visit to this city, we had a chance to check out a few of them though we barely scratched the surface!

Below are my top picks.



Call me cheesy, but I am a massive fan of ABBA. So it was a no-brainer that the first museum I chose to visit as soon as I landed in Stockholm, was the ABBA Museum.  The museum is located on the island of Djugården and ferries depart every fifteen minutes from Gamla Stan. The ticket costs approximately 200 SEK per person but its cheaper to buy online. Please note that the museum does not accept cash but card only, which is something we encountered in a lot of places in Stockholm. There is a real drive here to create a cashless society.

Museum shop

The museum itself is a great opportunity to learn about each member of the band, their lives before ABBA was formed, their individual and collective successes and their inner struggles.


It was an emotional couple of hours spent knowing about a group whose songs are forever etched in my memory.


More information can be found here.



Located in the island of Skeppsholmen, the ferry stops here on its way to Djugården from Gamla Stan, but only upon request. So please let the crew know before embarking that you wish to get off at Skeppsholmen or you might end up in the wrong island!

Alighting from the ferry

Moderna, as per its name, has a vast collection of modern and contemporary works, including works by artists such as Dali. There are also a number of temporary exhibitions and installations.

Inside Moderna Museet

You can easily spend a few hours here, getting lost in its numerous galleries. Entry to the museum is free. More information can be found here.


Grand entrance to Nordiska

The Nordiska museum is an impressive building, both inside and outside. Located in the island of Djugården (next to VASA Museum), it is dedicated to and celebrates Nordic culture and cultural history.

Main Atrium

On the day of our visit, we attended a beautiful exhibition on Swedish holiday traditions. This was a great place to learn about the Swedish way of life.

Christmas at Nordiska

More information can be found here.



One of the most exciting things we did was the SkyView at Stockholm. It is a glass capsule that takes you to the top of the Ericsson Globe which is the world’s largest spherical building.

Waiting for our ride to the top
Ticket hall

Once on top, you get 360 degree views of the gorgeous city. At 150 SEK per person, it is totally worth it. Pick a clear day to spot some famous city landmarks or an evening to look at this city resplendent with lights.

More information can be found here.


View of Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the picturesque old town of Stockholm. Its quaint, cobbled streets are lined with palaces, royal apartments, galleries and churches. Some of Stockholm’s best and trendiest restaurants are located here. It is a great way to acquaint oneself on Stockholm’s past.




We took our time to explore this charming area, strolling through the various alleyways including Stockholm’s narrowest street – Marten Trotzigs Grand.

Stockholm’s narrowest street


Inside T-Centralen

Underground stations in Stockholm are museums in themselves. As you disembark from your train, you find yourself immersed in these cavernous enclaves splendidly decorated with art, sculpture, mosaics, paintings, engravings and installations. If only London Underground could take a leaf out of their book! Say goodbye to boring underground tube journeys.

Rådhuset (pic courtesy @kwjevans)

Handy information:

Stockholm is a relatively compact city and is fairly easy to explore by public transport. We bought the 72 hours travel card from our hotel concierge (available on most train stations) and we felt it was the best value for money. Many museums in Stockholm have free entry on a Wednesday so do factor that in when planning your itinerary.



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