Gingerline TV Dinners – Review

For someone who enjoys food and experiences equally, attending a Gingerline production is an ultimate bucket list tick. I was lucky enough to attend Gingerline’s latest production – TV Dinners – which is a four course dining experience in a gameshow format. It is held in the multilevel Immersive Ldn (minutes from Bond Street station), which is specifically designed for immersive theatre, events and private hire.

Gingerline TV Dinners

We began the evening at the basement Studio Bar, where you get to meet and mingle with fellow team members for the first time. Prior to the show, Gingerline email and text you about the location and your colour coded team. I was on Team Orange or Zesty Zingers so I wore something orange to let my fellow teammates know my affiliations. Around me were either big groups or couples. But even if you are flying solo that evening, I found this to be a good opportunity to chat to some of the others. For most, it was their second or third Gingerline event and all were highly complimentary of their other productions.

We were then led to the main room for the rest of the evening. This immersive dining experience involves working in teams to play for four food-based rounds.

Gingerline TV Dinners

Winning points in each round means winning extra food for your team. To maintain the surprise element of the show, I won’t go into too much detail here. But my recommendation will be to get involved, even if you are shy. Audience participation is highly encouraged and recommended to maximise the fun experience.

Gingerline TV Dinners

You don’t have to fear if your team doesn’t win (our team was second last)! Because “everyone’s a winner at TV Dinners”, you still get to feast on some truly delicious food.

Gingerline TV Dinners

On this occasion, we had the following menu:

Kedgeree | Smoked Haddock marinated in Yoghurt, Bengali Cholar Dal, Rice Cracker, Quail’s Egg, Coriander Gremolata.

Gingerline TV Dinners

Stuff the Pepper | Aleppo Pepper Spiced Pumpkin with Red Peppers ‘Agrodolce’, Drunken Stilton, Radicchio, Warburtons Croutons.

Gingerline TV Dinners

Duck a l’orange | Roasted Duck Breast, Potato Fondant, Carrot and Orange Puree, Kumquat Jelly, Torched Orange, Warm Cucumber Salad.

Gingerline TV Dinners

Lemon Meringue Pie | Lemon and Thyme Curd, Whipped Cream, Cardamom Shortbread, Candied Lemon, White Chocolate.

I absolutely loved the flavours of the Kedgeree, although it was slightly ‘wetter’ because of the lentils. The duck was stunning and my favourite dish of the evening. Overall, the food was as impressive as the experience.

The show was hosted by the cheeky and hilarious Mitch and Madge Glimmer, who kept us thoroughly entertained throughout the evening.

Gingerline TV Dinners

But it was the robot microwave called SNACK-A-MAX 2000 who stole the show that evening. Highly strict, it kept tabs on the scores and made sure the teams didn’t cheat!

It was a cold and rainy evening when I was booked in for this and I really didn’t want to leave the comfort of my cozy home to attend! But I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so pleased to have done it! The two hours just flew by. It was every bit the nostalgic 90’s fun of a game show and you just get sucked in all the madness! 

Congratulations to Gingerline for a such a fantastic production. Go as a couple, a big group or just yourself for a bit of escapism and fun! Trust me, you can’t help but have a fabulous time here!

More information can be found on their website

N.B. I was invited to review on behalf of Love Pop Ups London

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